LICC London: two honorable mentions for Andrea Cingoli

The London International Creative Competition has assigned two honorable mentions to Andrea Cingoli. One in interior design with “Hang-On!”, the flexible lamp made up of illuminating clothes hangers and another in product design with “PLAN”, the shelf with a hole that can become a basketball hoop or change into, with other plug-ins, to make our rooms more fun and versatile.

LICC is one of the most prestigious creative competitions in the world and its finality is to facilitate contact between the artists/designers, the international crowd and the specialized companies. LICC is in its tenth edition and the jury, composed of 19 super experts, from all over the world, are each consolidated experts in their various fields of design.


The Abruzzese architect and designer has obtained this brilliant result thanks to the “HANG-ON!” lamp, which represents and interprets the changes in our life style and life needs and how these evolve and transform the interior spaces we live in.

“We need”, Andrea Cingoli comments, presenting his project, “of devices that make the reality around us flexible and HANG-ON!  Is surely a lighting system able to fit this description. The illuminating hangers can be freely moved on the low tension support rail, allowing us to move them around as we like”.

Andrea Cingoli’s project idea, however, presents other possibilities: “With HANG-ON! We can increase the light intensity by adding hangers that turn on instantly in contact with the rail and we can color the light by using the hanger’s natural role by hanging, for example, colored t-shirts. The system can be used in a business environment as well as at home. Each hanger has a LED strip that uses low levels of energy. The hangers can be sold separately from the system and I have designed a solution, which is extremely flexible, which adds extensions to the base kit so one can build, freely, his or her own solution based on their needs”.


The other object that has obtained a positive result from the London prize jury is “PLAN”. This proposed project is also the result of a creative reasoning that is based on the re-visiting of a commonly used object, like a shelf. “Sometime, the most common of objects”, Andrea Cingoli declares, “ consolidated in both their use and familiarity, can hide the biggest of surprises. PLAN is a shelf capable of changing according to the needs of the users. It can become a fun game, but at the same time, it can transform into a very useful lamp or container.”

This is how Andrea Cingoli sums up his efforts in the creative and design field: “My work aims to make our rooms welcoming and versatile, with make a touch of fun, but never futile or superficial.”