Abit(u)are Contemporaneo

On display in Montalcino the prototypes of architect and designer Andrea Cingoli

 25 Settembre – 1 Novembre 2015 – OCRA Officina Creativa dell’Abitare


Officina Creative dell’Abitare, in the cloister of the Museco Civico e Diocesano of Montalcino has hosted the exhibit Abit(u)are Comtemporaneo of Andrea Cingoli, which presents the prototypes designed by the architect and designer from Abruzzo. The show, which opened on the 25th of September, closed on November 1st 2015.

Contemporary living has influenced us in a number of variables that affect our life style and force us to adapt, not only in action, but also includes the instruments used during our daily lives.


The spaces of our homes are contracting and the time for our actions is always compressed to such a point that it seems necessary to redefine the terminology of our actions: neologisms such as playparties (partying and playing), tasterelaxing (tasting and relaxing) eatdressing (eating and dressing) cleaneating (cleaning and eating), teartasting (tearing and tasting), tidyassembling (tidying and assembling), playssembling (playing and assembling), takebreaking (taking and breaking).


The objects and the images of the show describe the design experience of Andrea Cingoli and they tell us about a new way to interpret the reality that arrives from a more fluid and significant contemporary design. At the opening night, in the OCRA  projection room, Andrea Cingoli illustrated the “genesis” of his prototypes. Particularly interested, the audience carefully listened to the presentation of the various projects, that as described by the young and promising designer, are inspired by contemporary social needs.

“The designer has to transform the objects”, Andrea Cingoli described, “in a way that they can be able to support a living style that is in constant mutation in their relation with time and space.”


Andrea Cingoli is an Abruzzese architect and designer. Since 2000 he is the technical director of Cingoli Consolidamento e Restauro. In 2007 he co-founded Zo_Loft Architecture & Design and in 2013 Sudio [OPS!] Cingoli/Manigrasso. In the last five years he has won different competitions and awards, both national and international, of Architecture and Design. Among these are the IDA AWARD, the Atlanta International Design Awards, MACEF Design Award, PREMIO IQU. In 2010 he was admitted, as Italian Talent awarded in the world, into the Young Blood 09 and in 2014 he founded CONCEPTICON, a company that engages in concept design oriented towards creative and innovative business models.