The creations and the thoughts of Andrea Cingoli at Chicago’s SOFA

SOFA, acronym of Sculpture Object Functional Art and design is one of the most important fairs/shows of contemporary art and design in the world. It has been held every year since 1994 in Chicago, USA. What sets it apart from the other great events of the field is the specific attention to tridimentional objects that are among the best in decorative art, design and pure art. It is known for the excellence of its galleries that show and sell artefacts of exceptional beauty and refined and personalized design.
It is held, every year, in autumn, on the famous Navy Pier and has an average of 80 exhibitors of excellence and 35.000 visitors from all over the world. The sales, for each fair, add up to 15/20 million dollars approximately. With a strong educational accent, the SOFA includes a series of conferences and shows that help understand the objects being shown/sold and explores the new tendencies of the art and contemporary design world. SOFA has evolved from international sales event to dynamic community: a encounter of new prospects where art, design and people meet.

This year’s edition ended on the last November 8th.

The conferences and demonstrations, for a total of 110 events, in 3 days, were divided into 3 areas and a specific space dedicated to performances. The conferences, in particular, are considered of high prestige because they are the vehicle of new ideas in the various fields.

Andrea Cingoli was the only conference attendee to be called from Italy (presented by Berengo Studio, his candidacy was evaluated by the Scientific Director of SOFA who, on the basis of the curriculum presented, selects the designers to invite).
The Abruzzese architect and designer spoke of his professional experience, through some of his projects that were created to try and underline the creative process, which is always strongly influenced by experience and experimentation.
For Andrea Cingoli, design, more than art, is not only the expression of the world inside the maker, but also of the universe outside him. The aim of this lecture is to suggest new ways of shaping products using signifier and more sustainable concepts and materials.  
During his speech, 45 minutes in duration, he received 15 questions from the audience.