Casa Abruzzo lights up with “Flamp”

Casa Abruzzo will be lit up with “Flamp”, the lamp created by the Abruzzese designer Andrea Cingoli, product of experimentation with Flexiglass, a material made with an innovative procedure, which is being patented. The table lamp looks like a crystalized flame and makes the lamp an element of design by transforming the source of light into an object of art, a sculpture, fixed to a circular metallic base which houses a 3 watt LED.
“Flamp is one of the proposals that will be shown in the three days dedicated to glass and its artistic expressions and designs, shown, from October 15th to 17th , in Milan in via Fiori Chiari 9, zona Brera.
The creations of the “Concepticon” studio will animate the show “Glass between Art and Design: from concept to crystalization, through the study of the material, techniques and technologies of glass production”.
The strength of “Flamp” is all in its initial material: “Flexiglass”. To create this work of art the designer used a broken sheet of laminated glass. It is the breaking of the glass, in fact, that gives it its particular characteristics that makes every object made unique. The recycled or scrap materials, thanks to the solution thought of by the Abruzzese designer, could have a wide use with great advantages for the environment. The recycling of laminated glass, through the production of “Flexiglass” wouldn’t require, like in the past, a costly separation process. Also, we could avoid high energy working techniques, eliminating the need for blowing ovens or costly disposal procedures. The process, studied and experimented by Andrea Cingoli, allows one to bend in any which way or shape the sheet of laminated glass. Thus, you can obtain art products, design products, artisan objects, both small and large, self-bearing or with a certain bearing capacity, limited only by the category of furniture and conditioned only by the shape of the object in question. We can thus create sculptures, shower boxes, tiles, roofing tiles, internal partitions, furnishings and objects of any shape, starting with the “Flamp” lamp.


ANDREA CINGOLI – graduated cum laude in Architecture from the University G.D’Annunzio of Pescara in 2006. Since 2000 he is the Technical Director of Cingoli Consolidamento e Restauro, in 2007 he co-founded Zo_Loft Architettura & Design ( With Zo Loft, in the last five years, he placed consistantly in the top places in many different contests and international prizes for architecture and design (IDA AWARD, Atlanta International Design AwardS, MACEF Design Award, just to name a few). In 2010 he was selected as one of the best Italian talents in the Young Blood Competition. In 2014 he founded “CONCEPTICON”, a company that deals in concept design, specifically in creativity and the innovation of business models.