POP-CORN: glass design in Casa Abruzzo

Casa Abruzzo is home to a three day expo dedicated to glass and its artistic expression and design. On show, from October 15th to 17th, in Via Fiori Chiari 9, zona Brera, are the creations of Concepticon studio. “Glass between Art and Design: from concept to crystallization, through the study of the material, techniques and technologies of glass production” is the title of the show which brings us the creations of Andrea Cingoli, young Abruzzese designer, produced by Berengo Studio of Venice and the hands of master glass-man Silvano Signoretto. Specifically, the show will present the composite sculpture, created in free blown glass, “Glass Pop-corn”. The work is characterized by the descriptive force of the blown glass and the natural light weight of being that is pop corn. Art thus lives, once again, through a fantastical association with food and stimulates a modern representation, entrusted to a noble material, that only the masterful hands of an artisan can tame. It is not by coincidence that Glass Pop-Corn is the fruit of a young designer’s creativity, entrusted to the capable hands of a master glass-man.

ANDREA CINGOLI – graduated cum laude in Architecture from the University G.D’Annunzio of Pescara in 2006. Since 2000 he is the Technical Director of Cingoli Consolidamento e Restauro, in 2007 he co-founded Zo_Loft Architettura & Design (www.zo-loft.com). With Zo Loft, in the last five years, he placed consistently in the top places in many different contests and international prizes for architecture and design (IDA AWARD, Atlanta International Design AwardS, MACEF Design Award, just to name a few). In 2010 he was selected as one of the best Italian talents in the Young Blood Competition. In 2014 he founded “CONCEPTICON”, a company that deals in concept design, specifically in creativity and the innovation of business models.

SILVANO SIGNORETTO – born in 1951, the third of 8 children, he started working at age 8 at the furnaces of the great maestro Alfredo Barbini, where two of his brothers worked already; Pino, famous contemporary glass sculptor and Gianni, great master of stylish chandeliers. After learning the basics of glass working, he decides to change furnaces, working for other famous Murano artisans, like Renato Mazzega, where he started working with important designed such as professor De Laim with whom he created a series of new sculptures. Not happy with that, he started working with Seguso vetri d’arte, along side an important master of the craft, Angelo Seguso, and collaborating with the great designer Vittorio Rigattieri. Time passes and his ability to shape this material grows, so much that he finds himself working more frequently with important sculptors, designers and painters. In 1990 he works with vetreria Venini, creating the “horse of Leonardo”, a structure of iron and blown glass designed by computer by Ben Jakober and Yannick Yu, presented at the 45th edition of the Biennale of Venice. Throughout the years he create important glass sculptures, shown in galleries and museums around the world, in collaboration with contemporary artists like Marina Kotter, Philip Tsiaras, Hideto Nashimura, Maria Grazia Rosin. He has been collaborating with Berengo Studio for years and creating important works of art and glass objects.

BERENGO STUDIO 1989 – is a gallery that promotes glass as the material for contemporary art. Some of the works produced by the studio have been shown at the Biennale d’Arte of Venice and at prestigious international museums, thanks also to the GLASSTRESS project (www.glasstress.org). Adriano Berengo, the founder, has created his own museum, the Berengo Centre for Contemporary Art and Glass, a true cathedral for glass art, created in the heart of an old, decommissioned glass furnace from the early 1900’s. The works of the main artists that have worked with him during the years are shown in this building, left as it was with the old ovens and original tools. The works themselves have been installed in keeping with the harmony and style of that time. Berengo Studio represents the most innovative reality in glass experimentation on the island of Murano; its creations are a happy encounter between the most avant garde of contemporary art and the traditional techniques of the Murano artisan heritage.