Special mention for Duc(oo)K, at German Design Award 2018

Duc(oo)k, the innovative kitchen tool devised by Abruzzo designer Andrea Cingoli, won the “special mention” at the German Design Award 2018. The awards ceremony will take place on February 9th in Frankfurt, in the presence of the prestigious international jury. The Abruzzo designer, the founder of CONCEPTICON studio, was selected with two nominations a few months ago based on the projects: Flamp (the lamp realized in Flexiglass, a recycled material patented by the same Abruzzo designer) and Duc (oo) k, the multipurpose kitchen accessory.
“I was already honored by the two nominations – said Andrea Cingoli of Concepticon Studio, in learning the news- imagine the joy of being awarded, with a special mention. Duc (oo) k, along with others, is among the finalists at IDSAIDEA 2017, the award that is granted annually by the Industrial Designers Society of America. The ambition now is to find an Italian company that industrializes a product which, according to the world’s top design experts, deserves some attention.”
It should be remembered that the German Design Council, the promoter of the competition, is one of the world’s leading centers of expertise for communication and brand management in the field of design. The exclusive network of Foundation members includes, in addition to world-class designers and design associations, specifically owners and administrators of over 200 companies.

Duc(oo)k, is a multifunctional kitchen tool that combines an innovative new line but, at the same time, allows versatile use. Positioned next to the stove, or on an adjacent operating surface, it is a multi-purpose tool that can become large tongs, small tongs, a large fork or a skimmer depending on how it is held. Its very original “duck” look makes it legitimate for remaining in sight, ready for use, but also as an element of decor for your kitchen. 
For its realization, the use of completely recyclable plastic material, resistant to up to 220 degrees, which does not damage non-stick interior liners. It has a silicone base that allows the instrument to be supported during use.