Andrea Cingoli awarded German Design Award 2018 for Duc(oo)K

Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE), 10 February 2018 – The designer from the Abruzzi region, Andrea Cingoli, has collected the special mention assigned to him by the jury of the prestigious German Design Award. The event took place during the 2018 edition of Ambiente, the international trade fair dedicated to consumer goods, in Frankfurt. The exhibit presented 2018 trends, a guide to identify sustainable products, a selection of innovative proposals curated by Sebastian Bergne, with a space, as always, dedicated to young people, whether they are designers or entrepreneurs. A new feature this year is the entry to the German trade fair of partners in addition to the Netherlands, including Denmark, France, Japan, United States, Italy and the UK. Duc (oo) k, the innovative kitchen tongs, impressed the interest of the jury and won the German award. The designer from the Abruzzi region, the founder of CONCEPTICON studio, was selected with two nominations a few months ago based on the projects: Flamp (the lamp made of Flexiglass, a recycled material patented by the same designer of the Abruzzi) and Duc (oo) k, the multipurpose kitchen accessory.

Andrea Cingoli of Concepticon Studio said, “the special mention received here in Frankfurt pushes me, even more, to experiment and measure up with the creative dimension applied to commonly used products that need to be rethought and designed focusing on a more pronounced functionality. Duc (oo) k, along with others, is among the finalists at IDSAIDEA 2017, the award granted annually by the Industrial Designers Society of America. In the next few months I will continue to look for an Italian company that industrializes a product that, according to the greatest design experts, deserves some attention”.

It should be remembered that the German Design Council, the promoter of the competition, is one of the world’s leading centers of expertise for communication and brand management in the field of design. The exclusive network of the Foundation members includes owners and administrators of over 200 companies in addition to world-class designers and design associations.