German Design Award, two nominations for the designer Andrea Cingoli

Andrea Cingoli, the designer from Abruzzo,  founder of CONCEPTICON studio, has been linked by the prestigious German Design Council, among the  German Design Award 2018 contestants. The peculiarity of the important recognition stands in the entry procedures, where the jury evaluates in a propedeutic manner; the admission to the contest is based on the contestant’s creations and professional curricula. Two proposals had been appreciated: Duc(oo)k (multifunctional kitchen tool) and Flamp (a lamp created in Flexiglass, recycling material patent by the same designer from Abruzzo).

German Design Council, was found, in 1953, on the initiative of the German Bundestag, which supports the industry, willing to add an extra brand evaluation, through the design and every year it is the selected Organism who assigns the coveted award. Therefore the German Design Council is one of the leading worldwide center of communication and the brand management in design. The exclusive network of the Foundation members include, besides the worldwide famous designers  and associations of design, the owners and CEOs of more than two hundred enterprises. The German Design Council is based on the belief that the design contributes to the main commercial success, at the point where the awards are given only to projects which really represent a pioneristic contribute to the international panorama.  To guarantee the accomplishment of the following mission, there is an extremely prestigious and worldwide known Jury.

The nominations arrive, just a few months after Andrea Cingoli gained firstly the Red Dot Award: Design Concept in Singapore followed by the European Product Design Award in Bruxelles, acquiring, with several creations, two gold medals, five silver, one bronze and four honorable mentions.

“I’m particularly honoured by this nomination – said Andrea Cingoli from Concepticon Studio – mainly for the award’s prestige, moreover for the gratification of receiving just a nomination by an International Jury, which follows a different parameter of evaluation compared to other contests. I keep my fingers crossed , hoping to be among the list of winners. Furhermore,  Duc(oo)k, is the finalist project at IDSAIDEA 2017, an annual award by the Industrial Designers Society of America”.


Duc(oo)k, is a multifunctional kitchen tool which joins an innovative shape but very useful. Well in sight, next to the cooker, or on annex working area, it is a multifunctional tool able to become a great clamp, a small clamp, a carving fork or a skimmer, according to the gripping. It has a very original “ducky” shape, it legitimizes to be well in sight, ready to use, but also a piece of furniture for the kitchen. For its creation, plastic material has been used completely recycled, resisting to 220°, which does not damage pots with no-stick coating. It has a silicon base, allowing to held the tool while being used.


Flamp, is a lamp of the designer from Abruzzo, given by a formal experiment in Flexiglass, a material obtained by an innovative process, now patent pending. The table lamp crystallizes a flame and transform it into design, making it a new source of lighting and at the same time a piece of Art, a sculpture on a metal circular base which includes a 3 watt led.


ANDREA CINGOLI –  Graduated with praise in Architecture, at the University G. d’Annunzio in 2006. From 2000, Technical Director of Cingoli Consolidamento e Restauro. He co-founds Zo_Loft Architetture & Design e Studio [OPS!]. In 2014 founds CONCEPTICON, a concept design studio, focused on creativity and innovation of business models.  In the previous years he classified in the first positions, in contests and international awards, such as IDA, IF Design Award, Red Dot Award Design Concept, and others.