The mechanism which contributed to shape the chandelier has been inspired by the artificial satellites which adjusts the position of its own photovoltaic panels, according to its movements. Therefore the panels, instead of intercepting the solar/natural light, irradiate artificial light.

U.O.D. is a smart lamp. It wants to maximize the short circuit between the user experience and the technology. This is an object capable to discover the user, understand a particular functional circumstances and an environmental context; later it proposes the most comfortable solution and ideal to allow doing what is preferred, without exceeding in the mechanisms and energy consumption. It is a chandelier which PERCEIVES the user’s needs, it evaluates the context conditions and adjusts its own shape, working automatically, making the space suited to the inhabitant’s actions. It is a Chandelier, so it is anchored to the ceiling however able to turn into a table lamp for reading or other type of works, placing its own illuminated surfaces in parallel to the working surface(dining table or desk) to improve the visual comforts of the users.

The transformation, from a triangular base prism to an unidentified illuminating object, occurs independently. U.O.D. is connected via Bluetooth to each frequent users mobile, which is the tool used to feel the light on the table during the users work. At this point the oled panels start the orientation until the smartphone (which continues its measurement) will report to the chandelier that the light is enough to do the willed function in the best way. Therefore the illuminating panels stop themselves. The app which manages the measurement of the light intensity also has a manual regulation system of the light power and the chandelier’s shape configuration. The U.O.D.’s capability in changing shape makes it an exceptional piece of furniture which modifies the face within the room, according to who lives it and what they do in it. Besides from being a functional item it is also a sculpture. Even a performance: without mentioning a peculiarity of the chandelier: the movement.

Brushed aluminum, steel, OLED panels, electronics. The manufacturing process is done by press, bending, turning and cutting the elements. Hereabove it is possible throughout a system of mobile stemswhich bend the extremely light oled panels allowing the direct light on the underlying working area. An electrical box coordinates all the system and connects the chandelier to the mobile devices.



Work team

Andrea Cingoli (concept & development)
Umberto La Sorda (modelling & rendering)