tuBÌ (or not to be…)

To be as you want me to be! Tubì is more than a chandelier: it’s able to feel the users, to understand its needs,to analyze its context and to trasform automatically, moving the enlightened body to the operating surface (tables or desks) improving the visual comfort.
Tubì is supplied by a light analyzing app: the following application is used by the users mobile placed on the operating area; the smartphone interacts with the chandelier and sends to Tubi’ instructions on how changing the configuration to improve the visual comfort. You should just leave your phone on the table and select the action that you want to accomplish: throught bluetooth on short ray, the signal is sent to the chandelier and this approaches the light point up to obtaining an optimal lighting (costantly monitored by the mobile). The application also allows to adjust the colour and the temperature of the lights. So each user can configurate Tubì and, when relieved buetooth, be welcomed with a specific shape and colour. This makes tuBI’ an exceptional piece of furniture which chages the room according to the inhabitant. Not only a functional element but also a sculptural and interactive object.
This is possible thanks to a mobile “SKELETON” system built by an telescope aerial managed by an electrical actuator, an elastic ELASTAM “LEATHER” system, a 500% extensible fiber without approaching the plastic phase, a “HEART” composed by two enlighten sources, a spotlight and a led strip, both RGB and dimmerable, and a “BRAIN” composed by an elettronic center which coordinates all the other systems and connects them to all the mobile devices. Apart to the comfort use, it adds a energy saving, not only due to the led choice, but mainly by the approach of enlighten body to the operating area obtaining an enlightening increase without extra energetic waste.



Work team

Andrea Cingoli (concept & development)
Umberto La Sorda (modelling rendering & development)