Balamp: a lamp worth its weight.

Everyday we observe our habits, our lifestyle, the trends that brings us to consider the natural evolution of how things work, keeping them in the same format, but with more and more functions. This is the case of Balamp, a bedside lamp whose function is based on the weight of the objects placed upon it: by placing objects on balamp and then pushing down its dish, the weight is registered and the lamp remains off. If you lift one of the objects off of it, like for instance a glass of water, Balamp turns on with a dim light so that you can have illumination without disturbing your partner. If you then put the removed object back, the lamp recognizes the weight and turns itself off.

When Balamp turns on, the incorporated alarm clock displays the time for a few seconds by projecting it onto the beside dresser.

To turn on Balamp with a higher intensity, all you have to do is push the top plate and keep it pressed to turn off the LED dimmer function.

The top plate is also a wireless battery charger that allows cell phones to be charged just by putting them on it.

Balamp aims to “live” in symbiosis with the context around it (it serves as a place to put your personal things and objects) but its form is extremely refined. It does not allow any analog method of setting and in order to set Balamp (clock, alarm, tone and color tone) you use a cell phone app, which makes it truly one of a kind.



Work team

Andrea Cingoli (Concept & development)
U. La Sorda (Development)