CrickIT is the ultimate power-driven alternative for the urban mobility and logistics.
What are the advantages? CrickIT is foldable and easy to handle, it allows to travel long walking distances without strain, and when necessary, it may turn into a bag/luggage transport cart, for a maximum load weight of up to 250 kg.

This makes CrickIT the most versatile mean of transport, not only in city centers, where it can easily repleace a bike and circulate on pavements along with pedestrians or on cycle paths, but above all in historical centers, where for dimensions, architectural barriers and regulatory constraints it isn’t possible to circulate on means suitable for people transport or for the loading/unloading of goods, for how bulky or heavy they can be. It’s also a valid support for disabled: people with emphysema or heart-attacked on one hand, drivers and carriers on the other and, finally, private individuals will be able to fully enjoy the benefits of this useful, transformable mean, just by pushing a button and using the vehicle preset or the cart one.

When folded, it may be stored in the trunk of a simple runabout and unloaded as a common suitcase from the car. In the vehicle preset mode, an ischial sitting is provided to mantain a relaxed posture for the spine and the driving is ski-like: leaning on the right or on the left, always holding on the handle bar, which gives balance and stability. In this preset it may reach the speed of 15 km/h.

The handlebar may be inverted and the platform for people transport turns into load surface for the goods to transport. The person gets down to drive CrickIT, whose speed gets drastically limited to travel at man’s speed, and the transformation is done. Lights are placed on the handlebar and on the platform for night use.
The materials used for the shell are polycarbonate and carbon to provide strength and lightness.
The device is also equipped with a localization software against theft and for the tracking of goods in case of use for logistics.



Work team

A. Cingoli (Concept & development)
U. La Sorda (Development)