T3 is a Tree-Time-Tool to rediscover the opportunity and pleasure of being under a tree. A simple gesture, almost intimate; an hug; a constructive device/technology; a combination of existing easy available products to make a colonizing element. The purpose is to have a tool  closely cooperating  with the environmental context in which it is attached, a symbiosis between animate and inanimate, between artificial and natural: T3 lives thanks to/with the tree. The low development cost, as also the simplicity and sustainability of  materials, let T3 be an ideal tool for a national park, but also a suitable tool to contaminate urban and suburban green spaces, natural or man-made. The first generating key is a basic principle of the hanging shelf, the same used by the natives during the harvesting of coconuts, but with a technological device that can provide stability to the system. The second one is the module, the simple, repeatable and compounded, customizable  element. As a portable platform it can be suitable for many usage. Within a National Park T3 is a gadget-memory to sell to visitors since their arrival, designed and built with the help of local craftsmen and customizable with logos of organizations, sponsors, information and messages; easy way to picnic exhibitor must for the sale of native flower essences, but also convenient table on which to have brochures and souvenir cards, ready stool for musicians during a concert in the woods for birds roost and feed trough … Within the town or along the paths it can be used to set up a weekly or daily market where to sell local products, or even just stopping to read a good book outdoor. A flexible system for human imagination, then, whose only desire is to live closer to a tree.



Work team

Andrea Cingoli (concept & development)
Paolo Emilio Bellisario (concept & development)